Farm-to-table, the new concept of Greek cuisine in Mykonos

Farm-to-table is the new format  of Greek cuisine from the spectacular island of Mykonos. Nektarios Nikoiopoulos, owner of FARMA is the pioneer of this new gastronomic concept.

After traveling the world and opening up many bars and restaurants around Greece and abroad, Nektarios Nikoiopoulos, FARMA’s founder, wanted to bring the original Greek cuisine and cooking techniques back to Mykonos, the island where he has spent so many years as both a resident and an entrepreneur.

Being a traveller, a father & a thinker, Nektarios always tries to discover the harmony between the body & the soul. This is the fine line where one can find the balance between their inner and outer world. That is what Greeks call “the golden line” (chrisi tomi).

In summer 2017 Nektarios created a place where humans can learn to respect nature and discover the essence of harmony, while nature can offer back its’ best, like the mother of all that she is. This place is ΦARMA restaurant.

With the Greek letter Φ (F) – symbol of the “golden line” in Greek culture – featured on its’ logo, Nektarios opened the first farm-to-table restaurant in Greece. A restaurant placed inside a farm where daily or seasonal menus are based on what the land & the animals have to offer in peace, without pressure nor rush by human demands.

Located by the sea, on beautiful Mykonos, our Chef takes fresh local ingredients and turns them into delicious & nutritious meals. From the bread to the fish, the long Greek tradition of home-cooking combined with nature’s finest ingredients, makes food both for the body & the soul.


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Ftelia 84600 Mýkonos, Kikladhes, Greece

Phone: +30 2289 072361


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