Get to know your coffee, here is a guide to help you choose

If you’re bored of your usual milky latte or ristretto fix, feast your eyes on this new infographic. It illustrates just about every coffee you could ever want. Some you may not have heard of alongside diagrams of exactly how to make them.

The handy graphic created by Tenxhotels maps out the exact measurement of ingredients and the size and style of glass needed for any type of coffee. It’s also fascinating to see the subtle and extreme differences between different coffees, allowing you to work out just what kind of coffee kick you need.

For anyone stuck in a coffee rut the chart breaks down the contents and styles of exotic coffees from a Mocha breve, a Caffè affogato to a Caffè con Panna.

Alternatively, we’re going to use it as a checklist for all the coffees you still need to try.

By now, you should know a lot more about what you can do to have a superior cup of coffee. You should also be aware of changes you can make in order to make sure you are having a perfect cup of the best coffee there is. Use this article to make sure your coffee is the best.

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